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    08-06-2015, 11:20AM
    • Added two new main locations.

    15-06-2015, 12:14PM
    • Fixed issue with substitutions of being able to log on already ended substitutions. From now on, when you log on a substitution that is ended, it should disappear from the list of characters.
    • Substitutions will be automatically ended after six months duration.
    • Fixed some minor bugs.

    16-06-2015, 10:08PM
    • Added new main locations.

    25-06-2015, 11:46AM
    • Added new location.

    27-06-2015, 12:46PM
    • Allowed to login to the clan characters directly from other clan characters.
    • On server 11 was added notification of the tournament with our category.

    28-06-2015, 00:36AM
    • Added option to reset the Skill Pact for 50GP: Character-> Galaxy Points (available only if you had a pact with a demon).
      After using this option, the current pact will be solve and we can re-visit the Crossroads and sign a new pact.
      Skills which we had of the old pact remain at levels at which they are, but they will not give bonuses / to be activated.
      If you ever decide to go back to the old pact, these skills will be unlocked and you will not need to buy them again.

    28-06-2015, 11:34AM
    • Tournaments on server 11 will give items, GP or experience as prizes from now.

    28-06-2015, 1:38PM
    • To automated events were added:
      - From 10 to 17 of each month, 30% more GP for transfers / Internet transactions.
      - From 21 to 28th of each month, 25% more GP for transfers / Internet transactions.

    29-06-2015, 3:02PM
    • Today, after about 10PM may be technical problems. The game engine will be update, but apart from a few changes is mainly technical change.
      Changes include:
      - Changing the captcha code on the mechanism of recaptcha -> noCaptcha (
      - Added PUSH notifications, informing about the codes and time ending of action, even if we stay on the other browser tabs.

    06-29-2015, 11:10PM
    • Update completed.
      Any problems please immediately report.

      Activation of PUSH notifications is available in Character -> Settings -> General.
      This option was test on the latest versions of Mozilla and Chrome.

    06-07-2015, 8:22PM
    • Added 3 new location.

    08-07-2015, 8:22PM
    • Fixed problem with paysafecard payments.
    • Added option to change captcha system in training.

    15-07-2015, 2:35PM
    • Improved design and functionality of instant transmission options.
    • Added option creature promotion to a maximum level which enables its experience.

    15-07-2015, 9:23PM
    • Added new graphics for Chi, Boots and Gloves.
      Change may take some time. Press F5 to reload.

    16-07-2015, 9:15PM
    • Increased the amount purchasing in the Private Planet DP from 10 to 50 for 1 GP.

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    17-07-2015, 1:31PM
    • Added second instance.
      - The reward for this instance will be essences improving Magic Amulets for one of its three powerful types: Amulet of Destruction, Devastation or Truth.
      - The degree of improvement will be retained in Amulets.
    • Amulet Secret Class has been removed from the Set of Might, in its place - Scouter and Belt was added to the Set of Might.
    • Added two new sets for classes:
      - epic - Set of Mastery
      - mystic - Set of Excellence.

    New Amulets and Essences:
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    17-07-2015, 3:34PM
    • Fixed a problem with the initiation of instance.
    • Initiation of instance, will be every 3 minutes instead of 10.

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    20.07.2015, 7:43PM

    • Optimized system of gaining experience by killing monsters.

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    21.07.2015, 2:27PM
    • Added 3 new location.
    • In the last of location is possibility to teleport.
    • In the last of location is special quest to combination three types of chi on 2000 level to one better Chi on 200 level.
    • Players with universe-born will gain chi on 2000 lv from the expeditions.
    • Added a new set of players Universe-born. This set will be enlarging.

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    21.07.2015, 4:41PM

    • Increased amount of char in shoutbox of clan to 600 chars.

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    25.07.2015, 2:12PM
    • Added better types of Substance of Acceleration.
    • Lowered prices old substances.

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    25.07.2015, 5:37PM
    • Substances of Acceleration also multiply the chance to MDB, Senzu, DROP, and Quest Kill.

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    27.07.2015 10:49PM
    • Quest in the Maze of Darkness will now require Chi at 2000 level instead of 100 level.
    • Added new system of upgrade: Character-> Laboratory. This system will be extended for a further improvement.

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    28.07.2015 1:07PM
    • Added A further upgrades to the laboratory.
    • Improvements from the laboratory will now be displayed as a single info in statistics.

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