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    FAQ - Space Warriors


    The most important games tab. Here, your character will gain experience, PvP, PvM points, frags etc...

    On the left is a preview of the map and on the right a list of monsters and players.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What mean the numbers at the first bar: 0/1250?
    - The first number means the amount of experience points earned. The second means how much you need them to reach the next level of experience.

    What mean the numbers at the first bar: 2000/2000 + 70/h ?
    - 1st - amount of AP that you actually have; 2nd - your max amount of AP; 3rd - AP per hour.

    New AP at 20:00:01 in 0:43:32 - what it means?
    - About the time you will regain a given amount of AP.

    How to control character?
    - Keyboard controls: QWE ASD ZXC and mouse to confirm the action.

    What means SSJ(x5)?
    - It means, that character is in stadium of Super Saiyan and the power is increased five times.

    How to turn off the SSJ?
    - Click at the duration of SSJ.


    Gamer profiles shows up to your eyes. It presents Nickname, rank and stats of character.

    You see also player EQ, his friends and personal text.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Each character has in their profile clan name?
    - Yes, provided that it belongs to the clan.

    What means my rank and to whom she is entitled?
    - "Mere mortal" - is entitled to all players before Reborn.
    - "Expert in Martial Arts" - is entitled to all players after Reborn.
    - "Defender of the Universe" - is entitled to all players after Gborn
    - "Divine Master" - a person who have has big contribution to the game
    - "Legend" - creator of the game
    - "Galaxy God" - server admin


    By training you increase your combat power. Remember that each feature is important. Your hero can not have any weaknesses.
    • Strength - the bigger the more damage you inflict to your opponent.
    • Speed - the bigger the more likely to avoid the opponent's attack.
    • Endurance - the bigger the less damage you receive.
    • Willpower - the more the less damage from opponent's technique.
    • Ki energy - the more the more damage you inflict to your opponent from techniques. It is also responsible for duration of the SSJ.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How to train power as efficiently as possible?
    - The best is training for 2hours.

    What means: Reborn character! Training bonus ratio:
    - It means that character have training bonus ratio. The bigger the more power you receive from training.

    When I cancel training I get some power?
    - No. You have to complete training to gain power.


    Here you can send your warrior on an expedition. During expedition the hero has a chance to gain experience and interesting items.
    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What I can gain on expedition?
    - Symbols, Chi, Belts and experience.

    How long expedition continues and what is the chance of its success?
    - By default, the expedition continues 35 minutes and there is a 75% chance for its success.


    By expansion of knowledge your combat ability is increasing and therefore - general character power.
    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What do I need to do if I am going to learn a knowledge?
    - You have to achieve a designated level or be at the correct location.

    I have the required level but I can't learn a knowledge.
    - Check out the conditions which knowledge you need from the earlier range.

    Is it able to learn knowledge faster?
    - Yes. You have to buy a Premium bonus.


    You can use them if you meet the required criteria, written by selected technique.


    Skills affect the power of a character during combat.
    There are skills:
    1. Passive

      • Unique Strength - Increase damage (1%/Level)
      • Fortitude - Enemy damage reduction (1%/Level)
      • Rapid Movements - Increase speed (1%/Level)
      • Anticipation - Enemy speed reduction (1%/Level)
      • Spiritual Power - Increase your techniques damage (3%/Level)
      • Secrets of the Force - Reduction enemy techniques damage (3%/Level)
      • Precision - Increase chances to critical damage (1%/Level)
      • Insensitivity - Reduction chance to critical damage from enemy (1%/Level)
      • Talent - Training bonus (6%/Level)
      • Veteran - Experience bonus (8%/Level)
    2. Active

      • Powerful Block- Chance to block next attack (4%/Level)
      • Reflection - Chance to rebound next attack (4%/Level)
      • Disturber - Chance to block the next active skill (4%/Level)
      • Inviolability - Reduction chance of critical damage (for 5 turns) (3%/Level)
      • Dragon Fist - Chance for stun (4%/Level)
      • Frost Fist - Chance for freeze (4%/Level)
      • Lightning - Increase chances for critical damage (3%/Level)
      • Crash - Chance for broke limb (1%/Level)
      • Explosive Strike - Chance to inflict burn (3 turns) (4%/Level)
      • Hemorrhage - Chance to inflict bleed (3 turns) (4%/Level)

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Am I able to use active and passive skills on any level of character?
    - No. Each skill has the required level at which it can be used.

    By using what I can improve skills?
    - You can use a PvP or PvM points, or purchase via GP.


    It is a place where a player is holding his own symbols, amulets, magic cloud, magical substances, magical essences, Chi and training/combat outfits.
    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What increases a symbol?
    - Increases a character statistics eg. speed a few percent, depending on the rarity owned symbol.

    How I can improve symbol?
    - With magical substances that fall from elites only.

    What symbols are in the game?
    - Normal 1% , Rare 2%, Unique 3%, Elite 4%, Super Unique 5%, Super Elite 6%, Legendary 7%, Epic 8%, Mystic 9%

    Are training outfits the same class as the symbols and are the same color?
    - Yes, they are.

    How to get training outfit?
    - You can buy for 1 GP.

    What gives the amulet?
    - Increases the critical strike chance.


    You learn from it what tasks you still have to complete to go in the storyline.
    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I check on where I have unfinished quest?
    - Click on the name of the quest and you will develop a response.

    Dragon Balls and Minor Dragon Balls

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    When can I collect the Dragon Balls?
    - You can collect them for seven days after the last use, because they require so much time in order to regain his power.

    How to get Minor Dragon Balls?
    - Minor Dragon Balls you are able to acquire during the PvM battles. The chance of finding them is small.

    PvP Wanted

    Here you can put arrest warrant for players who have attacked you in the past hour.
    Here you can also take the challenge and become a bounty hunter chasing players who have the arrest warrant.
    If you have accepted the arrest warrant, you have to defeat the target player 5 times. Only then you will receive the prize. This player you can attack every 20 minutes. The award will receive a player who first fulfill mission. Additionally, you will receive 2x more PvP points and experience for a win.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How to receive an prize?
    -You get it automatically.

    Daily Tasks

    These tasks will help you quickly evolve character.
    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why do I have to do the PvM task again?
    -You probably lost the PvM fight.


    If you are a strong and confident fighter that you can sign up for the World Martial Arts Tournament.
    The tournament takes place at 3 and 18 day of each month.
    The prizes in the tournament are GP. (for 1st and 2nd place)

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can I unsubscribe from a tournament?
    -No, you can't.


    We distinguish following reports:
    • Attack
    • Defence
    • Blessings
    • Results of expeditions
    • Results of auctions
    • Invites to clan

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What means green and red color at the duel with another player?
    - Green - you won; Red - you lost


    They are used for correspondence between the players termed PM.
    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I write a message to someone?
    -You click "New Message" and fill in all the data or by another player profile and click "Send a Message".

    What is a Blacklist?
    -It is a place where you put the names of the players from which you do not want to receive messages.


    There are:
    • Ranking of players
    • Ranking of clans
    • Ranking of pets

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can I find someone in ranking using character name?
    - Yes. Just type the name into the search box that is located under the Ranking.


    If you are in a clan you can learn here about the most important things that are associated with the clan.
    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How long does it take to join a new clan after leaving the previous?
    - 24hours

    Tutorial will be updated on a regular basis.
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    How do i join a clan or do i have to be invited?

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    You have to be invited by clan

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    You must send message to recruiter.

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    And wait for invite.

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