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Thread: quest glitch

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    Question quest glitch

    ok so i just started the game like a day or two ago. At first i made a character (goku) and was on that lumber quest where you have to get 3 lumber. I talked to all the groups but only had 1 lumber, so there was no possible way for me to complete the quest. To fix this i made another character (which is around level 40 now), however i found out that the old character had all my galactic crystals. I tried to transfer them, but sadly couldn't. If there's any way to transfer GC, please tell me and also this doesn't belong here but, how do i get GC?

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    1. write ticket to support on to fix the mission,
    2. Galactic crystals are assigned to one character, doing daily missions( they are in Palace of Almighty ) and activities you can gain GC ( Character -> Activities ) and sing up in Tournaments every fight you gain 1 gc even if you lose
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