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    Task help

    I need help I've read and cannot find out how to do it and I've read the conversation as follows:
    ■ The conversation
    Location: Clash Place [6|6]
    Content: "Orochimaru disappear again. Probably he is heading to his fortress. Let us go further to the south.

    I went south found nothing went south then west and found a place where they are looking a permit now the problem is I do not know where the permit is found or how to get it was told by player I respect that kill 50 or 100 wolfs and collect wolf heads which I also did and still did not receive any pass/permit. task name is : ■ Find the Hideout any help is much appreciated. Also I can include a rough translation in polish? if needed(form google translate) but I don't speak/read it naturally so I apologize if anyone asks and it's not 100% accurate.

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    Well, first of all, You should create this thread in english section, but nevermind.

    Check following locations:
    -Clash Place
    -The Secret Path

    There should be unfinished dialogue. Just check it.

    When all dialogues will be completed, You can go further to the next location (Orochimaru Hideout).

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    I've checked everything and there's no more dialogues left when I go to Orochimaru's hideout they just want me to give them a permit but nothing tells me how to get the permit The dialogue I posted before is the last thing then the next step in the mission is find the hideout and when found(at Orochimaru's hideout) need a permit my question is how to get it

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    Go to the:

    Clash Place
    ( 6 | 6 )

    The Secret Path
    ( 7 | 9 )


    Orochimaru Hideout
    ( 4 | 7 )

    Do 3 print screens like

    and post screenshots in this topic.

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