1.To obtain a nukenin rank must meet the following requirements:

- Have Anbu rank.
- Having won the PvP battles: 5000
- 1kk (1.000.000) gold.

When you have all these things head to the Hidden Villages at coordinates (2|2) and start to talk to the NPC.
When you finish the talk you will receive the rank of Nukenin village from where you come from. But be careful because they will not retreat!

2. Nukenin pros

- For winning the PvP fight you get x2 more PvP points and 1% your opponent gold (no more than 10k).
- 2 S rank missions per day.
- The opportunity to start their own organization
- Tasks only available for nukenin

3. Nukenin cons

- For losing PvP battle you lose pvp points x3.
- You can be attacked in the village! But you can not attack there.
- You can not participate in villige wars.
- Do not receive villige bonuses.
- You can not be Sannin and Kage

In conclusion, think again before you choose nukenin rank

Polish guide made by Itaimaru